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Kenwood Juice Extractor JE680+280 (4625251926116)

    Kenwood Juice Extractor JE680+280


    Kenwood Continuous Juicer - JE680, White The Kenwood JE680 Continuous Juicer is loaded with multiple convenient features and is a must have in your kitchen for your day to day use. It hails from the stylish and modern True collection. Giving you the assurance of the Kenwood brand is the juicer’s glossy body, white plastic finish, and the highly efficient 700W motor. This continuous juicer can extract juices from fruits and vegetables in an instant and thus will prove to be a valuable addition to your kitchen.


    • Brand: Kenwood
    • Energy Consumption: 700 Watts
    • Material: Plastic
    • Color: White
    • Type: Centrifugal
    • Number of Speed Settings: 2
    • Weight: 3.71 Kg

    Key Features:

    • Incredible Performance This Kenwood juicer gets the most from fresh fruits and vegetables and delivers smooth juices for everyone to enjoy.
    • The Kenwood Juicer JE680 can extract over 3 cups of juice into its 0.75L jug. It even comes with a pulp collector of 1.5L capacity.
    • Incredible Versatility The Kenwood Juicer JE680 reviews laud this appliance’s large, whole fruit feed tube, which can accommodate entire fruit and vegetables.
    • From bananas and apples to carrots and beetroots, the whole fruit feed tube can fit in all, eliminating the need for chopping ingredients before juicing them. What’s more?
    • The appliance also comes with a patented, anti drip spout that enables easy pouring of extracted juices

    Kenwood Citrus Juice Extractor - JE280, Off White Welcome your guests, this summer with delicious and healthy fruit juices extracted from your Kenwood JE280 Juicer. Featuring an elegant design and sporting a transparent body, this juice extractor will mingle with your kitchen interiors perfectly. This 60W juicer features a two way rotating cone that will help you to extract an unbelievable quantity of juice from your fruit. This easy to use appliance is a must have in your kitchen as it allows you to extract as much as you want without much effort.


    • Energy Consumption: 40 Watts
    • Material: Plastic
    • Color: White
    • Type: Hand Press
    • Number of Speed Settings: 1
    • Weight: 0.922 Kg

    Key Features:

    • Start Your Day on a Fresh Note Make your mornings brighter with juices freshly extracted from your Kenwood appliance.
    • The juicer comes with a big plastic jug that has a 1L capacity to hold large quantities of juices.
    • The Kenwood citrus juicer is transparent, which makes it easier for you to keep track of the amount of juice you have made.
    • The kitchen appliance features a spout for easy pouring and to avoid accidental spills.
    • The juice extractor comes with a sharp cone that can rotate and spin in both directions, ensuring that your fruit churns and grinds properly.
    • The machine has a versatile reamer and filter that accommodates fruits chunks of all sizes and shapes with minimal effort.
    • Convenience at Its Best The Kenwood JE280 is made using plastic that makes it lightweight and portable.
    • The Kenwood juicer includes minor parts such as the cone, filter, dust cover, and jug that can be easily detached and assembled.
    • This further makes washing and cleaning a hassle free experience.
    • The citrus juicer features a handle that enables a comfortable yet firm grip while you are using the appliance.