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Garmin GPS 152H (4791138582628)

    Garmin GPS 152H

    • GPS 152h get Track-plotting with the high-sensitivity GPS 152h, a greyscale Track-plotter with easy-to-use features that fits both your boat. Acquire satellites quickly the GPS 152h features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, internal GPS antenna and a built-in bnc connector for an optional external antenna connection to ensure that you acquire satellite signals quickly, regardless of your position. It can also receive position corrections from the wide area augmentation system (WAAS), which makes its already-accurate positioning data even more reliable. In fact, when you turn on was, you can increase the accuracy of the 152h's position reporting to within three m. Store more prime data with an increased memory, the GPS 152h can store up to 3, 000 waypoints and 50 routes. And the four-inch diagonal high-contrast display makes it easy to see and navigate to waypoints or other places. We've also added a name 0183 output so you can send position data to another electronic device on your boat.