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Dtech VGA Splitter 4 Ports 7354 (4627312705636)
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    Dtech VGA Splitter 4 Ports 7354

    • Industrial Serial DB9 splitter with 1 host and 4 slave ports adds 4 real hardware serial rs-232 ports to your system for data communication
    • 9 pin serial line data splitter supports Bi-directional transmission that enables 1 master device controls 4 slave devices at the same time OR 4 masters control 1 slave device
    • DB-9 female pinout is 2 - TxD, 3 - RxD, 5 -GND (row 1 from RIGHT to LEFT is pin1-5); and Male connector is 2-RxD, 3-TxD, 5-GND (row 1 from LEFT to RIGHT is pin1-5)
    • Powered RS232 splitter distribution box in metal housing provides better RF shielding, durability and efficient cooling for long life and dependable performance
    • Baud Rate and protocol is not limited, which depends on RS232C devices that transmit signal; No need of driver, plug and play; ideal COM port expansion hub for PC computer laptop Mac, modem, router, GPS receiver, PDA adapter, printer, mouse, etc.