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Dtech Type-C to HDMI 4K Converter 0.2M T0020 (4806451298404)
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    Dtech Type-C to HDMI 4K Converter 0.2M T0020


    TYPE C to HDMI high definition converter, the maximum support 4K * 2K resolution. TYPE C video signal can be converted into HDMI video signal, connect the projector \ monitor \ TV and other large-screen display equipment. Support TYPE C up to 10Gbps output bandwidth. Intelligent conversion, compatibility, high-speed transmission more stable and reliable, no distortion of video output, the picture is more clear and delicate.

    Bastic Parameters

    1.HDMI extended application, support 4K * 2K HD resolution

    2. Using VL100 high-performance low-power digital conversion chip, stable HDMI signal transmission

    3. Shell with aluminum-magnesium alloy material, CNC processing technology, simple and durable

    4.TYPE C interface support positive and negative plug

    5. Support the screen expansion, extension, mirror and other modes

    Electrical Specifications

    This product is rated input voltage: DC 5V

    Input current: 900mA


    Product Accessories

    TYPE C HDMI converter one, a certificate, a manual, beautifully packaged set


    Use: Mobile Phone, Computer, Type-c devices
    Cable Length: 0.2m
    Brand Name: DTECH
    Model Number: T0020
    USB Type: Type-C
    Resolution: 4K * 2K
    Operating temperature: 40-50 ℃
    Product size: 46mm * 37.6mm * 13.2mm
    Product weight: 23g
    Input current: 900mA